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People have an inherent fear of wasps due to the painful sting which they carry. They are often found to be nesting in or around domestic premises, shops and other buildings during the summer months.


AP Pest Control can effectively destroy wasp nests if required.


It is always a last resort to destroy bees as they are pollinating insects.  However, there are times when this may be  necessary.

It is sometimes possible to relocate them, 


AP Pest Control can advise on bee control.



Fleas are often brought into the home via domestic pets, primarily cats. It is estimated that 10 female fleas can produce 250,000 fleas in 1 month. Not all members of a household may be bitten, however bites are normally found on the legs and the lower parts of the body. 


AP Pest Control can eliminate fleas providing you follow the instructions given to you at the time of treatment.

Bed bugs

We can now offer a heat treatment process for Bedbugs which has the advantage of being chemical free (i.e. no insecticides, complete eradication of Bedbugs, eggs and larvae, minimal downtime). One treatment guaranteed. From one suitcase to a complete hotel.


Ants are often found to be nesting in or around walls of houses or other buildings. They are frequently seen roaming over floors or kitchen surfaces. For a short period of time during the summer months, flying/winged ants are also problematic. Ants can spread disease.


AP Pest Control can eliminate your ants.

House flies

House flies are very commonly seen in the warmer months, associated with human activity. House flies do transmit disease and cause spoilage to food.


AP Pest Control can treat your house flies effectively.

Blow flies

These are commonly known as blue bottles and green bottles. They lay eggs in animal carcasses. Obviously they can cause disease. Blow flies are common throughout the world.


AP Pest Control can treat blow flies.

Cluster flies

Adult cluster flies live outside harmlessly. However they may enter buildings, often in lofts, to hibernate in the Autumn to emerge again in Spring.


AP Pest Control can treat cluster flies successfully.


There are many different species of moths. However, the main 2 types of moths found in residential homes are the Common Clothes Moth and the Brown House Moth.


AP Pest Control can effectively treat all moths.

German cockroaches

Cockroaches fall into 2 main areas. The smaller German Cockroach which is brown in colour, and it’s larger cousin the Oriental Cockroach which is black in colour.


AP Pest Control can eradicate cockroaches through a managed strategy.


Spiders are part of the arachnid family. They are often seen in houses during Autumn. There are no dangerous British species of spider. However, in rare circumstances the control of spiders may be considered necessary.


AP Pest Control can effectively treat spiders successfully.

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These insects are generally of nuisance value only. Although they can cause damage to dried food in kitchens.


AP Pest Control can effectively treat silverfish successfully.

Boring insects

The Common Furniture Beetle {Woodworm} causes damage to structural timbers and furniture leaving a series of 2mm diameter holes. The Death Watch Beetle also causes damage to structural timbers and furniture leaving a larger hole. The holes may be noticed by particles of dust which are caused by the emerging insects.


AP Pest Control can provide treatments for these insects.

Varied carpet beetle

These can cause damage to carpets, bedding and clothing. Adults are about 4mm long, but the larvae known as woolly bears are often spotted.


AP Pest Control can provide a successful treatment to eradicate the beetles.

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