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Dave | Landlord

We had a problem with fleas that the previous tenant had left us. Paul came and carried out a spray treatment. Hey presto, no more fleas.

Cheers Paul.

Miss Felstead

I reported my problem to Paul on the Tuesday, he came the following day and within days my ants had vanished.

Mrs M, Wigan

I got up on Monday morning to find ants all over my kitchen floor. I went to my local hardware store where I normally buy the Ant Bait Stations. They don't work terribly well. I saw an advert for AP Pest Control in the shop window and gave Paul a ring. He came out that afternoon and applied a spray. Once he'd finished I went out for a couple of hours and I haven't seen any ants since. Paul was very helpful and very efficient. I'd definitely recommend him for any pest problems you have.


Thank you, Paul.

Mrs Burgess | Crosby, Liverpool

I had an annoying problem with pigeons roosting on the roof of my bedroom. They made such a racket in summer months and I was being woken at 4am! Paul put some bird spikes on the roof. Now I can get a good nights sleep.

Thanks Paul.

Mrs O'B, Wigan

Wasps, they frighten me to death. When I went in my garden they were everywhere. Paul quickly located a wasps nest in my loft. He came, did his bit, left and I’ve not seen a wasp for over a month. Money well spent, recommend his services to anyone.

Mrs Howarth, Parbold

I had a problem with ants in my kitchen and flying ants in my lounge. Paul responded quickly to my needs and provided an effective treatment. I haven’t seen an ant since! Excellent service.

SB | Childwall

I saw a mouse run across the kitchen first and then saw some droppings in the living room. Paul blocked up several holes and put bait down and now they've gone.


Mrs O'Grady

Paul sorted my mole problem quickly and efficiently. Thank you Paul.

Fred Thomas, Appley Bridge

My garden backs onto a farmers field and I had an irritating problem with moles in my garden. Paul arrived, assessed the situation, set some traps and I haven’t seen a mole for 3 weeks. Well worth the money. Thanks Paul.

Chantelle V | Toxteth

Me and my boyfriend just bought a flat, moved in and found cockroaches in the kitchen. I was hysterical so went back home. Paul came and treated the problem. We've now moved into our first home together.

Thanks a lot Paul.

Ms B, Skelmersdale

I had a problem with mice in my kitchen. My friends were coming for tea and I didn’t want them to know I had mice. Paul made sure all the bait boxes were out of sight and told me everything would be all right. He came back twice and guess what, no more mice. Hooray.

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